A taste for tradition, a sense of innovation

We combine our know-how with a constant search for innovation, in order to constantly adapt to the needs of our customers. 

Respect for origins of ingredients

The flours characterising* (primary ingredient) our breads are 100% French. The authenticity of our terroirs gives our breads a typical taste and aroma that make them a real signature.

Traceable ethics

Authenticity, taste and typicality

We produce our own sourdough, which we raise in a temperature and humidity controlled atmosphere.

This gives our products a powerful and specific aroma and allows the floral and aromatic flavours of the wheat to be better developed.


Authentic know-how

We take the time to knead in long cycles, with significant rest periods to allow mass fermentation in the traditional way.

This allows for tasty products, of high aromatic quality, and regular production.

The baking process, carried out in lava stone hearth ovens, ensures a crispy crust and a soft, airy crumb.


Creativity & Innovation

Selection of raw materials, development of recipes, choice of formats, quality control... At each stage we bring the necessary attention and passion to adapt our know-how to current trends.


Industrial and logistics performance

Our industrial performance allows us to provide flawless logistics to deliver our customers throughout France and Europe.


The mastery of organic

We work with regional producers but also in Europe, who are really involved in the organic sector.

We know how to design it, produce it and guarantee its traceability.

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